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Administrative Council Moderator
Lay Leader
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference
Administrative Council Chairperson
Administrative Council Secretary
Finance Chairperson
Church Treasurer
Church Secretary
Finance Secretary
Sunday School Superintendent
Youth Group Coordinator
Membership Secretary
Choir Director
Communion Stewards
United Methodist Women Representative
Administrative Council At Large
Mission & Nurture Co-Chairs
Pastor Carlene Wolf  (You may email me here.)
Diana Boswa
John Young, Sr.
Diana Boswa
Jake Boswa
Lori Gee
Lester Eckman
Jeff Brightbill
Lori Gee
Peg Forney
Deb Leschke
John Young, Sr.
Lori Gee
Mary Ellen Graybill
Brenda Heisey and Mary Ann Henry
Mary Ann Henry
Tabby Young, Petra King, and Sterling Gee
Diana Boswa and Tabby Young
  Administrative Council: (The decision-making council that coordinates the total mission & program of the church.)
Jake Boswa, Chairperson
Pastor Carlene Wolf, Moderator
Lori Gee, Secretary
Diana Boswa
Lester Eckman
Mary Ann Henry
John Young, Sr.
Rita Young
John Young Jr.
Esther Ackerman
Administrative Council at Large:
      Sterling Gee, Petra King, Carol Wasche, Jan Morinchin

Christian Education:
(Designs & implements the program of education including Sunday school.)
Deb Leschke, Chairperson
Bobby Jo Birk
Jake Boswa
Kay Ott
John Young, Sr.
Rita Young
Tabby Young
Diana Boswa

(Designs, communicates, monitors, & evaluates a budget that will meet the needs of the church.)
Lester Eckman, Chairperson
Jeff Brightbill, Treasurer
Peggy Forney, Secretary
Diana Boswa (Lay Leader & Mission & Nurture)
Bill Kerlinger (at large)
John Young, Jr. (PPR)
Mary Ann Henry (PPR)
John Young, Sr. (Trustees)
Esther Ackerman (Worship)
Money Counters: (money counters are not required to attend meetings, except by choice)
Diana Boswa, Peggy Forney, Lori Gee, Morgan Henry, Adrianna Graham, Trish Henry, Rita Young, & Tabby Young

Mission & Nurture Committee:
(Educates, informs, motivates & involves the congregation in mission outreach & coordinates fellowship & outreach activities.)
Diana Boswa & Tabby Young, Co-Chairpersons
Lori Gee
Mary Ann Henry
Petra King
Gail Stoppard
Kay Ott
Nancy Kerlinger
Esther Ackerman

Nominations Committee:
(Recognizes individual gifts of members; recruits & coordinates church volunteers.)
Pastor Carlene Wolf, Chairperson
Peggy Forney (2016)
Mary Ann Henry (2017)
Sterling Gee (2017)
Nancy Kerlinger (2018)
Open (2018)

Pastor Parish Relations:
(Confers & counsels with the staff to support the development of an effective ministry.)
John Young, Jr., Chairperson (2018)
Peggy Forney (2016)
Diana Boswa (2017)
Mary Ann Henry (2017)
John Young, Sr. (2017)
Trish Henry (2016)
Sterling Gee (2018)

(Supervision & maintains the care of the physical property & buildings of the church.)
John Young, Sr. (2018), Chairperson
Jake Boswa (2016) Legal issues
Sterling Gee (2016)
Bill Bagnall (2016)
Rita Young (2016)
Jim Henry (2016)
Jim Courtney (2017)
Terry Parks (2018)

Worship Committee:
(Encourages & develops meaningful, theologically sound, & uplifting worship, as well as programs of music & art.)
Esther Ackerman, Chairperson
Diana Boswa
Mary Ellen Graybill, Pianist
Mary Ann Henry
Tabby Young
Adrianna Graham
Morgan Henry

Services Coordinators:
(Contacts congregants & requests their participation in the necessary services of the church.)
Rita Young Junior Church Coordinator
Mary Ann Henry Acolytes & Bell Ringers Coordinator
Deb Leschke Nursery Coordinator
John Young, Sr. Ushers & Greeters Coordinator
Rita Young Cleaning Coordinator
Kay Ott Newsletter Coordinator

*Pastor Carlene Wolf is a member of all committees by Discipline

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